Faith (or “Being Willing to Not Know”)

If certainty about God is the destination you’re pursuing then be prepared to, if you’re an honest person, be traveling that road the rest of your life before realizing you know little more than when you started; or if you’re easily swayed by falsity and comfort, find yourself living in a tourist trap of a town that professes to have all the answers but merely consists of pretty cardboard cutouts propped up on either side of the road. … More Faith (or “Being Willing to Not Know”)

On Suffering (pt. 2)

See the first post on suffering here. All this prompted a very long and hard journey I’m still walking where every notion and idea I possessed about God has been torn to shreds to (hopefully) make room for something better. Something more “good,” as he likes to put things. One part of this journey is constantly … More On Suffering (pt. 2)

On Suffering (pt. 1)

Suffering. Pain. Unhappiness. Everyone has experienced this darker side of human existence to varying degrees. We have come to understand it as a part of life – almost a sad, but inevitable, caveat to the breaths we take on this earth. Sometimes circumstances or events can cause massive amounts of any of these three. Someone … More On Suffering (pt. 1)